New Podcast Alert!!!

Okay I initially went to title this post “OH GOD IT’S BEEN FIVE DAYS” because holy shit it’s been five days! But I’ve kind of just been doing stuff so, sorry not sorry? Also it’s 4am and I have to be up in 4.5 hours, so this is going to be a very quick post.… Continue reading New Podcast Alert!!!


running through the streetsi am so late i’m out of timei’ve gotta hurry, gotta rushdon’t think i ever will catch upit’s like the city here is staringand i can’t tell what I’m wearingBut you said you needed conflicti don’t get to cover up everywhere you said we’d goi don’t think it’s worth it i’m dropping… Continue reading .

Yes, I just read The Fall by “the guy who wrote The Plague”

My deepest apologies, dear reader, for leaving you without any updates for four whole calendar days. This lapse is inexcusable and I can only (ever) ask for your grace and forgiveness. What’s new with me, you ask? Well, I dunno. I’m feeling a bit of transformation happening these last couple of days. I feel more… Continue reading Yes, I just read The Fall by “the guy who wrote The Plague”

Google Maps as Career Coach

I am dying to give a shit about something. Institutionally, you know? Like I want to contribute to making something not just good, but the best it can be. The problem is there’s not much money in giving a shit about things these days, and especially, many things actively (mentally) punish you for giving too… Continue reading Google Maps as Career Coach

Magical Realism

I’ve finished the QC archive, and I’m just sad that it’s over. Such a wonderful world, with good characters, who work through their conflicts in good faith to the best of their abilities, support their friends, etc. I also love how absurd the world is, and how so many of those absurdities were built just… Continue reading Magical Realism

Remissly referential

I’m gonna say, “I’ve been remiss” but this time it’s only been like two calendar days instead of, well, months or years. That takes some pretty-close-back-in-2019 reading to get, but here we are in 2023 and I don’t actually care if you get my weird self-referential, uh, references. Combobox played a show last night and… Continue reading Remissly referential

Character Growth

I’ve been sad lately, and one of the ways that’s expressing itself the last couple of days is staying up too late and reading through the archive of one of my favorite webcomics, Questionable Content. It’s been an interesting (and good!) experience. Getting to watch the art, the narrative, and the characters all evolve in… Continue reading Character Growth

I hate every Spotify artist bio

“Sound bends to the whim of emotion. For YONAKA, music morphs in tandem with moods. Distortion teems with tension in moments of heavy catharsis, only to come back down in an exhale of electronic reprieve.” I’ve read angsty high-school poetry that was less overwrought. “Under the late-night glow of a lunar muse, Hotel Mira crafted… Continue reading I hate every Spotify artist bio