Magical Realism

I’ve finished the QC archive, and I’m just sad that it’s over. Such a wonderful world, with good characters, who work through their conflicts in good faith to the best of their abilities, support their friends, etc.

I also love how absurd the world is, and how so many of those absurdities were built just from what could have easily been a one-off gag. I was reflecting earlier how interesting the way in-universe weirdness is handled is. Some things, such as all the AI stuff, various tech advancements (I guess QC is kind of sci-fi) are just accepted, but others are remarked upon as being very weird.

This kind of absurd-world-building is present in a lot of my favorite media (BoJack Horseman is a great example; even Daria has some magical realism kind of moments), and I’d love to incorporate it into any fiction I end up writing. Actually I just had an idea for a scene, gonna go write it down, be back in a few.

Okay, little bit of sketching done there. I find myself writing these scenes that would almost certainly not actually make it into the final cut or even a production script of whatever they become, but I think they help me understand the characters a little bit more, even when it doesn’t do much for moving the story along. This was probably one of those.

Which is all good and well, but I’m starting to collect folders of things that other people will never see. Not sure how functional that is, but I suppose it’s all a process.

New Tunes tho

Speaking of processes, Those Who Combo spent our rehearsal time this week developing a new song, and it was a lot of fun. It’s nice to get to just be in a creative groove like that after spending so many hours last week polishing and perfecting the show in advance of the No Fun show.

Ty and I had a conversation about where our song (lyric) ideas come from, and they talked about how they find that their songs are better when they’re fiction, and the autobiographical stuff isn’t as good. And of course, my songs all tend to be very internal, autobiographical kind of journal entries almost. I like that we have both perspectives in the band, but sometimes I would like to be better at creating fiction stories in songs like that.

Certainly for this new track, I’m worrying a bit that I’m already out of things to say, after already writing two songs in the last month or so. There’s a bit of a hook idea in my head so far, but I suppose we’ll see where it goes from there.

Stuff I like

The Ahsoka finale was good! It felt almost more like set up for the next phase of the story than much of a resolution, but I get that’s just kind of what they’re doing. I’m sad that the strikes have delayed production of new stuff so long (although very pro-union and happy the writers got what seems to be a great deal).

Purity Ring’s 2020 album Womb somehow passed by me at the time, but I’m digging it now. “Sinew” is my early favorite, but I’m sure that will change, as all things do, over time.

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