8/8, T-11

Okay, this is happening. It’s a little absurd to see it there in the title of the post, that in less than 11 days I’ll be in a new city, starting a new job. Everything is happening very fast.

The new Bon Iver album was released three weeks early today and with it came grey, rainy weather to Portland. It was a stark difference to the hot, sunny, 90-degree weather we saw earlier this week. A difference that, to me, mirrors how different my life was only two days ago.

In a way, nothing’s really changed yet. I’m still here in Portland. I still have my apartment until 9/8, my roles among my projects haven’t changed yet at all. But I know in the back, front, and sides of my mind that change, like George Washington, is coming, it’s coming, it’s coming.

In other news, I played some pickup today and the muscle I pulled a few weeks ago didn’t feel bad at all, which is very exciting. If it still feels good tomorrow, I’ll likely play some minutes in the BLFC friendly this Saturday, which will be a lot of fun, and potentially my last chance to play with the team, depending on what I decide to do next weekend.

Aside from that, I took the day pretty easy and don’t have too much to talk about here, plus I’m tired and pretty eager to get to sleep. Tomorrow I’m starting on the freelance project I took on yesterday and might even start putting things in boxes. My one ask today is that if you live in Portland and have some spare moving boxes, please give them to me!

Curator’s Corner

Hello, i,i is out! What are you doing, go listen to it! It’s not as bombastic as 22,AM, but in my first couple of listens, I’m already picking out moments and songs that I very much appreciate. Jelmore might be a low-key early favourite.

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