Bad Lads FC: Revenge of the Sith

Oof. That’s really all I can say after last week’s match. Oof. I don’t even feel like it’s worthwhile to talk about tactics or preparation or any of that because it ended up not mattering at all. Let me set the scene.

Bad Lads FC: A New Hope

I’ve been neglecting this blog since last September. It’s fitting, in a way, that while I am no longer in last September, my site is. You’ll get that reference once Mike and I finally get around to releasing our EP. Or maybe you won’t, who knows? One of the #ThingsIDo is manage and play on… Continue reading Bad Lads FC: A New Hope

Pomodoro Productivity

A week and a half ago I read series of blog posts by Mac Deutsch in his Month2Master  series about how he mastered the New York Times Saturday crossword in just 23 days. I solve (or try to solve) the NYT crossword every day, and while I’ve seen some really marked improvement in my solving… Continue reading Pomodoro Productivity

A Portland Treasure Hunt

I recently wrote a treasure hunt/bar crawl for a friend’s birthday, and I thought it’d be fun to share the full text of the clues. He was handed the first note after dinner; long dashes indicate a change of location, a short dash indicates he completed that location’s challenge. See if you can figure out… Continue reading A Portland Treasure Hunt

Sugar Pill

If you’ve heard me talk about music in the last couple weeks or so, you’ve probably heard me rave about bizarre British singer-songwriter Amber Bain, AKA The Japanese House. As with any new musical discovery, I had early favourites (Still, Swim Against The Tide, 3/3 (when it released)), and predictably pointed most of my attention at… Continue reading Sugar Pill

What’s Next? or, “Change in the House of Leaves”

Just in case you didn’t get the joke in the title. My Netflixing over the past few months has been a watch-through of Aaron Sorkin’s classic political drama, The West Wing. Those familiar with the show will know one of President Jed Bartlet’s catch-phrases is ‘What’s Next?’ It’s established early on that when he says… Continue reading What’s Next? or, “Change in the House of Leaves”