Week 1, a report, kind of

Hello everybody, thanks for coming to my blog. It’s 9:51AM here in sunny Luz, and I’m sitting in the shadiest spot in the living room of my dad’s vila because my face is increasingly sunburnt.

I hate wordpress

But I’m writing in it anyway. And if that’s not the ultimate metaphor for existing under capitalism, I quite frankly don’t know what is.

Seven Days Later

Okay, folks, so I live in Seattle now. Mostly. I’ll have an apartment starting on Friday, but I won’t spend a night in it until Sunday following a weekend-extraction mission for my stuff down in the Rose City. That aside, I somehow managed to find a reasonably (for the area) priced 1-bedroom literally across the… Continue reading Seven Days Later

8/11, T-8

I never seem to get these up until after midnight, which makes the date-based naming scheme a little awkward, but I think we can all live with it for the next week or so. Packing has begun in earnest. My apartment is currently a disaster with boxes strewn about like I’m some sort of cardboard… Continue reading 8/11, T-8

8/8, T-11

Okay, this is happening. It’s a little absurd to see it there in the title of the post, that in less than 11 days I’ll be in a new city, starting a new job. Everything is happening very fast.

So I’m moving to Seattle

Wednesday morning, I accepted a job offer in Seattle. Like the hiring process (first interview to offer in under 48 hours), my start date is accelerated as well: August 19th. This gives me essentially 10 days to get most of my stuff packed up and in a whole different city in a whole different state.

In which this becomes a travel blog

The sunset over Northern Canadian skies

Like all great vacations, it started with a cold.  I woke up the day before leaving and knew I had caught something, but luckily seemed to have avoided it being something serious. Just keep in mind that throughout the timeline of this post my throat is as raw as your favourite diss track mixtape. Most… Continue reading In which this becomes a travel blog