Where in the world is Zonkary?

Hi, welcome to my MySpace page.

Many people have been asking me where I’m going and when, so I’m making this handy-dandy reference guide. Please note the columns about visitors; I would love to see you!

Dates in Bold have been booked, others are subject to change. Check back for updates and stuff.

DatePlaceNotesCan you visit?Do I have a spare room?
Jan 29 – Apr 5Luz, PortugalMy dad winters here, so I’m visiting for a bit.Sure, it’s great here!Sadly not.
Apr 6 – May 4Cape Town, South AfricaGotta hang with my boy RussI guess? It’s just really farNo
May 5 – May 23 Portland, OregonGotta visit for some executor stuff and maybe some combobox shows.I mean, yeah, but like…N
May 24 – Early-mid JuneishAthens, Greece (and surrounding island(s))With River UwUNN
June 9ish – July 7Bucharest, RomaniaHell yeah!TBD, but can easily be arranged. Talk to me about this one!
July 8 – 12SingaporeSpending a couple of weeks in Asia with TyN
July 12 – 17Penang (George Town?)
July 17 – 19Kuala Lumpur
July 20 – 26Auckland, New ZealandWWC trip with ladsThe more the merrier
July 27 – Aug 3Brisbane, AustraliaWWC trip (cont)
Aug 4 – 10Melbourne, AustraliaWWC???
Aug 11 – 20Sydney, AustraliaStill WWC stuff, but I’m still having a lot of fun
OctoberishMonterrey, MexicoYesTBD